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My Refrigerator is As Quirky As My Computer

I am a busy person, so I don’t like to waste time. I have a full time job, plus I have three children who are very active. That means I am chauffeur, chaperone, referee, and cook. To be fair, my kids are awesome, and my husband gives his all as well. We make it work, because family is important to all of us. When something happens to throw a kink into our busy and often chaotic schedules, we handle it the best way we can. That is why I did a search for major appliance repair in Sacramento when my fridge stopped working not long ago.

My husband was on a business trip and would not be home for three more days. I had just been grocery shopping the day prior to it not working, so it was nearly fully stocked. I had no idea what was wrong with it because fixing major appliances is just not something I handle on my own. Thankfully, I was able to find a company that was able to come out that day to take a look at it.