Janitor Services and Building Owners Security

Every day many people come in and out of your office doors. From staff to customers and vendors to sales people, most office buildings see lots of day to day traffic and most likely keep a pretty close eye on just who’s crossing their thresholds. Building security is a priority in any business, and when it comes to hiring a cleaning company in San Antonio or any location, it is important to be sure that you know just who you are handing that key over to.

When you select a company to provide janitor services to your office, you will most likely give that company access to your building when no one else is around. It’s pretty impossible to clean a medical office, multi tenant building, or any business while the staff and/or customers are the building. For this reason, most business owners make arrangements for their buildings to be cleaned after hours when the staff is away. In today’s high litigation society, liability issues are everywhere and it’s crucial to minimize your risks as a company owner as well as feel confident that your business is safe and secure while cleaning services are being provided.

One major concern of business owners hiring an office cleaning company is crime. Theft, vandalism, or even crimes committed against employees who may be working after hours are serious and legitimate concerns. It is crucial to hire a janitorial service that makes extensive background checks a priority. Vendors should complete background checks on any individual that will be coming in to their client’s offices without exception. Unfortunately, some cleaning companies use sub-contractors and do not have adequate background information on these people. Some cleaning services carry surety bonds to cover themselves in the event that a criminal situation happens with their staff on a client’s property. What many business owners don’t know is that the bond will only pay out upon conviction. Short of video tape evidence or actual confession, conviction is tough to get and highly unlikely in this type of crime.

What about undocumented workers? If employees happen to be undocumented workers you can still be liable for fines levied by the U.S. Justice Department even if the commercial cleaning company staff member is not your own personal employee. Large companies like Walmart have learned this one the hard way. Refraining from using sub-contractors and performing background checks on every employee, every time is the best preventative measure available for any reputable janitorial company.

What happens if a cleaning service staff member gets injured while cleaning your office? You should ensure that your cleaning service in San Antonio carries at least $500,000 in General Liability Insurance in the event that someone is injured in your building. Or, what if the cleaning person is injured in their car on the way to your office? A quality cleaning company will also carry Non-Owned company vehicle insurance to cover this situation as well. Accidents happen, and being adequately prepared is a must for any reputable janitorial service.

Vendors in the commercial cleaning industry make decisions every day about these issues and then send their staff in to your office when you are not around to monitor them. Ask your current cleaning vendor about these issues and if you are not satisfied with their answers, find a company who will provide the necessary safeguards. It’s safe to say, a commercial cleaning company who is conscientious about security issues is also more likely to pay the same attention to detail in their actual cleaning. It’s a win-win for sure!