Quick Kitchen Design Tips

This quick article is designed to give some useful tips on kitchen design when planning a new kitchen, this is often a costly experience so follow these to avoid a kitchen nightmare!

– Choose something befitting with your home, don’t go for anything too radical. Often people can spoil the feel of a home by going for something unsuitable for their property.

– Choose something durable and relevant to your needs. No need to install a brand new restaurant standard kitchen if you only do a small amount of home cooking.

– Choose a colour theme that corresponds to other furniture within the kitchen, although the reverse is HIGHLY recommended (Buying kitchen taps, sinks and fittings to match the finished kitchen).

– If you are looking to replace a whole kitchen, consider refacing you kitchen doors and kitchen cupboard handles for a discount kitchen facelift!

– If you use a large volume of stainless steel or metal in your kitchen, try and mix this with warmer tones to avoid looking cold and unwelcoming.

– Plan the layout of your kitchen so it works as a living space, not just a cooking space.

– For more compact kitchens, try to avoid clutter. This will make your kitchen feel cramped and uninviting.

– Enure you buy quality lighting to show off your new kitchen designs. Some well placed up lighting can make your kitchen feel bigger.

– Finish off your kitchen with some stunning new kitchen taps to instantly add a sense of “new” to the room.