Shower Head Tips

People spend a lot of time and money on designing a perfect bathroom, but one item that can be easily overlooked is the shower head. A good shower head is of utmost importance to a comfortable shower. Let us look at tips and suggestions for choosing and installing a shower head properly.

It is hard for a normal consumer to notice the difference and the qualities of different heads. There are many fake and duplicate pirate products produced in countries like China and Indonesia. The manufacturing standard of these pirate factories are very high, the outlook, the shiny handle or even the weight can be perfectly imitated. You cannot even tell the true quality by breaking open one. Therefore, the only method to ensure the money to be well spent is to buy from large and honest suppliers. Avoid buying from online dealers especially when prices are abnormally cheap.

Good branding shower heads usually have good metal plating. Although over a period of time there will still be rusting, the advantage of a good brand is that it can become shiny again by rubbing with cloth lightly. The other important character of a good product is that the water holes should not be easily stuck.

Hansgrohe is the best brand and also the most expensive one. Kohler is also very good and produces high quality shower heads. Second best are brands like Toto and American Standard. Remember, price is the most objective indicator of how good a product is. It is unlikely to get excellent stuff with little money.

The after sale service is also important. Last time I bought several Kohler water taps and find that they were not very suitable after installation. Workers came after a simple call to Kohler. He said the problem was that the tap and the sink did not match. They allowed exchanging of products or even full refund. Finally, I got some new taps that matched. Buy from big brands can save you a lot of troubles.

The shower head should be installed at a height 300mm higher than the user. If there are multiple users with very different height, then you might need to install an adjustable holder. The water pressure is crucial, too. Normally speaking, pressure around 1.5kg is the best. Pressure too high would damage the tap, while pressure too low cannot make things operate properly.